Irani, on art está formado por un grupo de artistas de origen iraní que residen en Europa y continúan sus carreras artísticas en distintas modalidades: Pintura,Escultura,grabado entre otras disciplinas. Su propósito es unir los artistas iraníes presentando sus creaciones con la influencia de su entorno Occidental, nutrido de las riquezas de sus orígenes a través de exposiciones colectivas con una idea común y una mirada contemporánea.

Irani, on art is formed by a group of artists of Iranian origin living in Europe that continue their artistic careers in different forms as Painting, Sculpture, printmaking, etc. Its purpose is to unite the Iranian artists to present their creations with the influence of Western environment, nurtured the wealth of their origins through exhibitions with a common idea and a contemporary look.

Zahra kadam Shariat

                                                                   Zahra Kadam Shariat 

1. Sample of university undergraduate students, 1381
2. Undergraduate researcher in the university; 1381
3. Graduate student at the university; 1385
4. And appreciation of the exhibition poster printing company and benchmarks, 1388
5. Company and honored at the third Festival of Experimental Art and Illustration Printing (with Khan, the seventh) at the Young Art, 1385
6. Won third place in the Special Conference on Women in the Palestinian Intifada, 1382
7. Companies and academics around the country praised the graphics, the first festival Nahj
8. And praised the company's first children's book illustration exhibition with Qur'anic stories
9. Company and honored at the Great Exhibition of Culture and Art Festival, 1377
10. And appreciation in participating youth of Tehran Visual Arts Festival, 1379
11. World Water Day and honored to participate in poster design contest
12. Company and the dignity of a soldier's fate in the competition; 1382
13. Participation and appreciation of calligraphy contest Fajr in the words of the Imam, 1379
14. And appreciation of the company and published in the Student Congress and chastity; 1377
15. Summer Festival and honored to participate in clean forget; 1382
16. Presented in the first two books in print logo graphic design student, 1384
17. Design and print puzzles for preschool children's literature by the publishing house, 1384
18. Children's Book Illustration and Print (with black muzzle) by publication of Bader, 1384
19. Medal of Karaj Azad University physics graduate student Graduation ¬
20. Cover image designed for a set of two books of poetry and music as Gabbeh (court training, music theory and Slfzh) and its publication and dissemination of literature on home leave
21. Designed over 10 posters for the concert band music ¬ Dlshdgan
22. Having a degree in Computer FILE, Photoshop, Trade India, Max and Frei, 1379
24. Training Institute in collaboration with the compilation books (fitness test to graduate Associate Graphic History) 1389
25. A collaboration with the Applied Science Center of Tehran as the Inspector General, 1386
26. Teaching calligraphy and painting in the Islamic Propagation Organization, Rasht Branch, 1378
27. Fatima Zahra taught painting at the center of Karaj, 1382
28. Sounds best calligraphy instruction in the institution; 1386
29. Teaching jobs in the graphics department of Islamic Azad University of Andimeshk February 1386 and February 1387 (Courses offered: 1, 2 computer graphics, visual communication workshop 2)
30. Teaching jobs in the graphics department of the University of Noshahr Marlik profit since October 1388 (Courses: Workshop on Visual Communication 1, 2 and 3; workshop Illustration 3, packing workshop, workshops, a comprehensive action plan)
31. Teaching jobs in the graphics department of the University of Noshahr Kamalolmolk profit since February 1388 (Courses offered: visual communication workshop 1, 2 and 3, a comprehensive action plan workshop)
32. Teaching jobs in the graphics department of the University of Applied Science Noshahr February 1389 (Course offered: workshops related to Figure 2)
33. Teaching career in interior decoration unit of Jihad Branch from October 1389 until now (Course offered: Foundations of Visual Arts 1)

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